IVF Success Story of Divya Gandhi & Sumit Gandhi

After multiple IVF failures, Divya & Sumit Gandhi is elated with success at India IVF Clinic.

Hello everyone so today we are here to share our feedback for Dr. Richika. We met Dr. Richika around 2 years back and before Dr. Richika we tried a couple of doctors and it was not working out, one of my friend’s sisters suggested that you can go to Dr. Richika and try her out then we took Dr. Richika’s appointment and in the first appointment, I would say the kind of behavior she had and the way she understood our problem is commendable.

The most important thing I would say the major thing that I found in Dr. Richika is if I compare with other doctors she is not money minded at all, the other doctors if you go right I mean we all know that is the most important thing about dr Richika, now we have a six-month-old daughter the support that we got from Dr. Richika and I would say its only because of Dr. Richika we are in parenthood right now. She has heard us a lot, and just like I said she understood our problem from the bottom to the top right Thank you so much Dr. Richika.

Okay, I also want just to conclude that it was just due to Dr. Richika that I had experienced the whole journey, it was all because of her that I am very proudly a mother today actually we had tried two cycles and in the very first cycle my cycle got failed and I was completely shattered due to that so all my hopes were lost completely but yeah she had faith in me and she had faith in herself and due to that faith only we have been blessed with a daughter today and we are thanking you so much Dr. Richika for your immense you know contribution for your help and everything.

Thank you so much Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla.

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