Gemstones for Fertility and Pregnancy

Gemstones for Fertility and Pregnancy

Gemstones for Fertility and Pregnancy

For a very long period minerals and gemstones have been used by people from generation to generation to treat various health problems in the human body. One of the many uses of healing with minerals is the fertility problem in both males and females.

If you are someone who wants to know more about the gemstones for pregnancy and infertility, keep reading to get detailed information about all your doubts and queries. Here we have provided a complete guide for gemstones for fertility and pregnancy.

Can crystals for fertility help you get pregnant?

 You must have heard all the miracles of healing from minerals but may be thinking that these crystals and gemstones for fertility help you get pregnant. Here we have provided an elaborate answer to make you understand.

Crystal therapy suggests that different crystals and gemstones have their unique electromagnetic charges. These charges can help in removing the blockages present in the reproductive part of a person and encourage the body’s natural process in becoming more efficient. According to crystal therapy, these gemstones and crystals help your body to become more receptive to getting pregnant by conceiving a baby.

When you undergo crystal therapy, crystals and gemstones will be placed around your body in a specific pattern to produce an area of energy to adjust with your body‘s energy field. Therapists call this energy field your aura. The gemstones will be kept and moved in that particular position for some time and then will be moved into a new position to create a new Aura. A typical session will last for about an hour.

 Best Crystals for Fertility

Here we have provided the list of most commonly used and the best gemstones for fertility which you can also use for yourself to boost your fertility and conceive.

  • Chrysoprase- If the cause of your infertility is an infection or guard against sexually transmitted disease then this apple green gemstone is what you need. It is also known to increase the fallopian tubes of females.
  • Moonstone – This is the most commonly used gemstone by females for boosting their fertility, aiding in conception, helping in the childbirth process and breastfeeding, and also helping with premenstrual syndrome. This gemstone has an opalescent appearance.
  • Moldavite – This stone is considered the best gemstone for fertility and has been in use for a long time by women to increase their fertility as it is considered a good fortune for fertility and pregnancy.
  • Zincite – This is one of the best and most commonly used gemstones for fertility used by women to increase and improve their libido. This fertility crystal is popular for its energizing properties.
  • Scepter Quartz – This fertility gemstone is known to help unblock the areas and organs of a woman’s reproductive part which are making it unable for the woman to conceive a baby. The stone helps in unblocking through transmitting and receiving the flow of energy. It is also useful in conditions of sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.
  • Cinnabar – If the reason why a couple is not able to conceive is male infertility then you can use this fertility gemstone. This gemstone for male infertility has a very beautiful and unmistakable scarlet color and is very useful in treating issues like loss of count and other conditions of male infertility.
  • Hessonite (Garnet) – This fertility gemstone is very common and is used to reduce infertility in both males and females, and helps a couple to conceive a baby. It is also used by people to regulate the hormones in their bodies.
  • Jade – This fertility gemstone has gained popularity in recent times in many industries. It is a very common gemstone that is used to increase the fertility of both males and females and is also very useful during the process of childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Rose Quartz – This fertility gemstone is considered one of the most beautiful and common stones to increase fertility. Though the main function of this gemstone is to target and regulate the hormones and emotions of a person‘s body, it is also used in treating fertility.
  • Unakite – This gemstone is considered one of the most powerful gemstones with healing powers and is used to treat and assess the reproductive system of both males and females. It helps in increasing the fertility rate and also helps in conceiving a baby.
  • Aquamarine – This gemstone is considered a protective crystal for the pregnant woman or for someone who is trying to conceive. This stone is considered to protect women from depression and reproductive problems and is ideal to support pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Carnelian – These gemstones will help you to fight all your fears and insecurities to become pregnant and conceive a child and as well increase your fertility. It will help you to be more confident about the decision of being the parents and helps to calm down your system.
  • Chrysoprase – If the reason for infertility is the blockage or some problem related to the fallopian tube of a woman, this gemstone is best to cure it. It will help you to be healthy and strong throughout the process.

Do you know what is Fertility bracelets?

Let us understand it in detail-

A fertility bracelet is an ornament made up of gemstones and crystals to be worn in the hand to aid in the fertility of the user’s and help them conceive naturally. You can find a lot of people saying that fertility bracelets, gemstones for male fertility, crystals for motherhood or gemstones have helped them to conceive, but according to experts the chances of successful conception is due to the placebo effect. People who wear these fertility bracelets feel more in power and optimistic, and it is said that these positive feelings give rise to other emotions and behaviors which make the conception a little more likely.

According to a survey, every 10% to 15% of couples have infertility and problems with their reproductive parts of the body, which is making it difficult for them to get pregnant and conceive a baby. Though most people rely on medicines, some people believe in the healing from minerals and trust them more than classical and traditional medicines for infertility problems.



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