Planning Pregnancy With Astrology

Planning Pregnancy With Astrology

Planning Pregnancy With Astrology

Know the right time to get pregnant with astrology 

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of every woman’s life. It is both an overwhelming and thrilling situation for a woman when she gives birth to new life.  Every couple desires to get pregnant after marriage within the specified time. Some couples plan when to get pregnant and some may conceive early without much planning. Conceiving a child is one of the most important decisions in the whole family, therefore Hindus started to plan pregnancy with astrology. Astrology-based pregnancy planning has been used by people many times. Astrology is nowadays the solution to so many problems, pregnancy astrology is one of them. It reads the signs and gives the true prediction, whether the prediction is bad, good, or ugly. 

If you have tried a lot of artificial methods of getting pregnant, and you still don’t get pregnant. You can take note of your pregnancy by planning pregnancy astrology. However, the outcome is not always assured but yes you can take cost-effective and supportive guidance. Even today when Technology reaches its best, a large portion of people are Consulting on childbirth Astrology. As astrology is one of the lights which can uncover the future perspective. 

Here are some guidelines which can help you in pregnancy planning with astrology 

  • Good health is very important for conceiving a child, therefore the first house of the Lord must be clear from off negative effects. Positive and good  Lord house indicates that women have robust health and have a strong desire to get pregnant.
  • The status of the 5th house is also very important. If this house shows positive planets that means you are having a healthy baby. These house planets are studied to determine santanprapti yog. 
  • Malefic planets Sun, Rahu, Ketu, March, Saturn affect the fifth house and its Lord causes problems in conceiving a child. 
  • Astrologers analyze both the fifth house and Jupiter to study the birth chart and predict the astrological timing of pregnancy.
  • For those who show a strong Dasha and Yog for conceiving a child in the horoscope, it is preferred the best time to plan pregnancy with the strongest chances. 

Which time is best for pregnancy planning?

Astrology is the study of the position of planets in the house at the time of birth. Nowadays, people are predicting childbirth with pregnancy astrology. With the help of studying childbirth horoscopes of both males and females, you can also predict what will be the best time to conceive a child. So let us look at the nakshatras, dates and days which turn out to be the best time for pregnancy planning. 


The Nakshatra is considered a good time for planning pregnancy around astrology. 

Anuradha, Swati, mrigshira, dhanishtha and shatabhisha are considered as good Nakshatra. On the other hand Poorva Phalguni, Poorva Shadha, Magha, Moola and Purva Bhadrapada are aggressive Nakshatra to be avoided in planning pregnancy. All the remaining Nakshatras are medium. 


1,3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13 are considered as the best dates. On the other hand, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11,14 are not considered as good and should be avoided. Amavasya and Purnima should also be avoided in planning pregnancy. 


Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Monday are considered as the good days in Shukla paksha. So all these factors are very much important when you are adopting astrology for predicting pregnancy. 

How do you predict when you will have a baby?

Let us take a look at how astrology for predicting pregnancy predicts when you will have a baby. Astrology is a vastushastra concept, therefore there are many techniques that astrologers apply for pregnancy prediction. If you are planning to have a female child with astrology and want her to be blessed with good health, the first house of the lord should be considered. You have to ensure that the first house lord should be free from any type of negativity. If the first house is positive, then the timing of the pregnancy will be successful. 

With the first house, the fifth house is also very important for pregnancy, if your 5th house is afflicted, then you are suffering from pitru dosha. You need to address this dosha, as ignorance of this dosha will make the pregnancy detailed or can even be denied. The placement of some planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu will also consider. These planets reduce the positive rate of conceiving childbirth astrology. In the event, that your only have placement on these planets, you will not able to conceive any child. 

Also, the mahadasha and antardasha will be considered if you are planning a pregnancy around astrology. They are one of the deciding factors in the accuracy of pregnancy prediction. There are so many couples who are not able to give birth to a child in spite of not having any kind of medical issue. In this situation, they turn into astrologers to get their horoscope studied and get predictions of the best time for pregnancy planning. 

What signs will get you pregnant?

There is no doubt that astrology these days is trending. But before reaching any astrologer, you probably know your Zodiac sign. There are so many couples who are interested to know about the signs that influence pregnancy prediction. Let us look at some women’s fertility signs

If you are in the category of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you are having fruitful and fertile Zodiac signs. 

Libra Taurus and Capricorn, there is a semi fruitful and semi fertile sign. For Aries Gemini Libra Virgo Sagittarius Aquarius, there are barren and infertile Signs. These are not for the discouragement as astrology-based theories. If your sign is infertile that doesn’t mean that you can not conceive childbirth, you can do so. This is just a positive rate of fertility based on zodiac signs. 


There is no doubt that there are so many people who are believing that astrologers can give insight regarding the best time for pregnancy prediction. But again it is very important to address the health issues and take advice from your doctor before going to take advice from The Astrologer.


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