Feng Shui for Fertility – All You Need to Know about Feng Shui Fertility

Feng Shui for Fertility – All You Need to Know about Feng Shui Fertility

Feng Shui for Fertility

Consider that you are sound and fine but appear to have inconveniences getting pregnant or confront impediments surfacing at whatever point you endeavor for something, it demonstrates one thing – energy blockage. You can observe energy blockages in each corner of your life and when cleared out unchecked, lead to wellbeing issues, uneasiness, fear, overthinking, and the breakage of satisfying connections.

What is Feng Shui fertility?

Feng Shui is the craftsmanship of organizing components spatially and arranging them in ways to evacuate these energy pieces in your home and each viewpoint of your life. It helps to balance the energy to ensure good health and wellbeing of people living, working, or even passing through it. According to Feng Shui concepts, infertility can be caused by specific blocked or stagnant energy termed chi. When your place follows Feng Shui rules, chi energy flows like a river. However, when your surroundings are cluttered and do not follow Feng Shui rules, energy gets blocked and hinders your chances of getting pregnant. In Feng Shui, your bedroom is one of the most important places related to chi energy. To improve your chances of getting pregnant, you need to balance the female and make energies known as Yin and Yang respectively.    

Is Feng Shui an effective method to conceive?

The absolute response is – yes, Feng Shui will assist you to make strides in your fertility boost but not overnight. Rather than negative energy blockages construct up over time, it takes time to clear those negative energy debts. It would not take until the end of time though and that is the great news. In case you are not solid and have as of now begun applying these tips, at that point you are off to a great start. Without any doubt, you get in shape, eat strongly, and organize your domestic life in a way that brings plenitude and positive energy with Feng Shui in your bedroom. Since that will help cultivate concordance and richness. If you are doing it right, you will discover the vibes of positive changes blowing which you will become engrossed in before long enough.

Feng Shui is profoundly established within the logic of Yin and Yang. It is accepted that the way you organize components within the house will impact your temperament and way of life. Any lopsided characteristics in energies lead to a need for ripeness, agreement, and in this way, breaking connections. Although Feng Shui would not right away alter your life, it will steadily make those changes that will in the long run assist you get to where you need, counting your objective of getting pregnant.

How can I increase my fertility in Feng Shui?

To increase your fertility using Feng Shui for getting pregnant, you can start by beautifying your bedroom using gender-neutral objects and designs. It helps to balance the female and male energies in your bedroom. Try to have a peaceful and neutral environment in your bedroom. You can use calming colors such as white, pink, gold, or brown to improve your relationships and sexual desires.

Another important Feng Ship tip for getting pregnant is to create space for your baby to come. It means you need to get rid of all waste and cluttered items in your bedroom and home as well. You can also try to donate items that have no use for you. By removing all cluttered and waste items you can create ample space for your new baby and invite positive energy in your home and bedroom both.  

To harmonize your relationship with your partner and balance male and female energies, a woman should lay down on the right side of the bed, whereas a man should be on the right side of the bed while sleeping. To invite the energy to help you in getting pregnant fill surrounding places with items or photos that represent fertility and conception. It is an old age tradition that couples who try to conceive have photos of children in their bedroom.

What is not allowed in Feng Shui?

There are certain things that are not allowed if you are trying Feng Shui for getting pregnant. You should avoid using fresh flowers and flower plants in your bedroom. Do not use floral designs on pillow covers and bedsheets as well. This is because in Feng Shui tips for getting pregnant, flowers represent male energy Yang, which can compete with the male partner’s energy in your bedroom and might result in loss of vital energy of your partner.

You should also remove books, mobile phones, chargers, television, and other items that might disturb your intimacy. These items might take your time away that must be used for sleeping and intimacy between the two of you.

Make sure that no dipping or running water can be seen or heard from your bed as in Fen Shui for conceiving it is considered as loss of energy, which might hinder your chances of getting pregnant.

What are some most simple Feng Shui tips for getting pregnant?

  • Place hallow bamboo in your bedroom that symbolizes fertility and humanity. It will improve Yang energy in your partner
  • Pictures of birds, happiness, and joy will improve the positive energy in your home
  • Put pomegranates in your bedroom as the fruit symbolizes fertility
  • Place a red lantern on both sides of your bed to improve Yang energy in your partner
  • Place elephant statue in your bedroom

 Can I break a Feng Shui Rule?

If you have got to clear a zone of your room and think that it will break a Feng Shui ritual, go ahead. But if you are planning to conceive, make beyond any doubt you set the components in, and not clear them out from your room until the goal is being achieved. This incorporates not cleaning beneath the bed after you stimulate your fertility energy.


A word of caution is to keep in mind to endeavor to adjust and not overcompensate when it comes to Feng Shui fertility methods. By utilizing the Feng Shui rituals that are mentioned above, you will be making a canvas for positive energy to enter your life and boost your fertility. You can try the Feng Shui elephant to boost your fertility by putting statues within the house and decluttering will be your next big step. Make sure that you have given enough time for Feng Shui Fertility methods to work as it takes time before you see significant changes in your life.


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