क्या एक फैलोपियन ट्यूब बंद रहने पर प्रेगनेंसी आएगी?

यदि केवल एक फैलोपियन ट्यूब बंद है, तो रुकावट प्रजनन क्षमता को अधिक प्रभावित नहीं करेगी क्योंकि एक अंडा अभी भी अप्रभावित फैलोपियन ट्यूब के माध्यम से यात्रा कर सकता है। फर्टिलिटी दवाएं खुली तरफ से ओवुलेशन के आपके अवसर को बढ़ाने में मदद कर सकती हैं।

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In the IVF process, the fallopian tubes are avoided which results in a successful pregnancy. IVF is a healthy process in which own eggs and partner sperms are used. It may also involve the eggs sperms or embryo from a known donor.

Thus, fallopian tubes are the important parts of a woman that plays a vital role in the reproduction process. The blocking of fallopian tubes can become the major cause of infertility in a woman. Today, there are infertility experts helping many couples deprived of parenthood enjoy the bliss of having their own child. The need is to consult an experienced doctor at a trusted infertility center.

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