Y Chromosome Microdeletion

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What is Y Chromosome Deletions ( DNA ) – 10?

Y Chromosome Deletions (DNA) – 10 is a blood test that helps detect the abnormality in the Y chromosome gene. The absence of a single or multiple genes in the Y chromosome can lead to a genetic condition called Y chromosome deletion. This disorder decreases the sperm count in males leading to infertility.

This test is indicated in males who are producing no sperm or a lesser number of sperm cells. In some cases, the sperm cells may be abnormal in shape as well. Since this condition is a genetic disorder, if the patient is able to father children, the faulty Y chromosome is transferred to the son. The daughters do not inherit the faulty chromosome since they do not get the Y chromosome.

Why is Y Chromosome Deletions ( DNA ) – 10 done?

If your doctor suspects that your body is producing no or lesser number of sperm cells, he may ask you to go for this test to find out the cause. In this scenario, the sperm cells produced may also be of an abnormal shape.

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