Pus culture sensitivity

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Culture- a grown bacteria and sensitivity is an anaerobic test to do the Sensitivity analysis, also called susceptibility testing, to determine the “sensitivity” of the bacteria to an antibiotic. It helps the doctor in finding the most effective antibiotic to kill an infecting microorganism. The test is performed on a sample of pus swab to scale the level of Culture of the pathogenic organism in the pus swab. It also determines the ability of the drug to kill the bacteria. Infecting microorganisms are organisms such as bacteria or fungi that enter your body and cause an infection. The test results determine the most effective drugs suitable for treating the infection. It also monitors the changes in bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Sensitivity analysis is a useful tool to help quickly determine if bacteria are resistant to certain drugs. Sensitivity analysis may be ordered if your infection doesn’t respond to treatment. Examples of antibiotic-resistant infections include: a persistent sore throat a recurring urinary tract infection (UTI) an unresponsive case of pneumonia.

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