Natural Killer Cells Flow Cytometry

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What is CD16/CD56, NK Cell Panel?

CD16/CD56, NK Cell Panel, is used to quantify the presence of natural killer cells in the body. Natural killer (NK) cells defend against viral infections, making them an essential part of your body’s immune response. The phlebotomist will draw enough blood from the vein to send to the laboratory for examination. This test can help identify fertility issues in women or chronic viral infections, such as HCV or HIV-1.

CD56/CD16+NK cells in healthy individuals vary from 5% to 29%. More than 12% of NK cells are found in women with infertility or miscarriage. NK cells Percentages range from 1.9 to 37.9% of lymphocytes. Any value above the normal range signifies infection/viral disease.

Why is CD16/CD56, NK Cell Panel done?

The CD16/CD56, NK Cell Panel test helps in measuring the NK cells circulating in the body. It also helps in detecting whether there are any fertility problems in women. This test also diagnoses chronic infections like HCV, HIV and others.

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