Fertility Quiz

Fertility Quiz

Welcome to your Fertility Quiz

1. Have you had unprotected intercourse for more than a year without becoming pregnant?

2. Are you nearing or over 35 and have had unprotected intercourse without for six (6) months without becoming pregnant?

3. Do you have a history of pelvic infection or a sexually transmitted disease?

4. Have you been treated with Clomid without becoming pregnant?

5. Are you 38 y/o or older and contemplating a pregnancy in the future?

6. Do you have a personal or family history of endometriosis and would like to get pregnant some day?

7. Have you been diagnosed with a uterine abnormality or structural defect?

8. Have you had two or more miscarriages or chemical pregnancies?

9. Do you have a diagnosis of PCOS, PCOD or insulin resistance?

10. Are your menstrual cycles irregular (that is longer than 35 days from start of one to start of next)?

11. Have you been recently diagnosed with cancer or have a history of cancer in your family and would like to maintain reproductive potential?

12. Do you have a family history of early menopause (occurring before age 45)?

13. Have you been diagnosed with having uterine fibroids and would like to conceive in the future?

14. Do you have especially heavy or painful menstrual periods?

15. Do you have extra hair growth or acne or breast discharge without explanation?

16. Have you been told you have “bad eggs” and would still like to have a baby?

17. Has anyone told you that you are menopausal but you would still like to conceive?

18. Do you or your husband have a family history of inherited birth defect or abnormality and you would like to have a child that does not have this problem?

19. Are you or your male partner carriers of genetic mutations for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, Thallasemia, Fragile X or other mutations that you do not want to pass along to your child?



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