What is Urine Ketone body?

Urine ketone body test is mainly used to determine the level of the ketones in the urine. Generally, the body uses the glucose to burn for energy. If a person is suffering from diabetes then that person may not be having sufficient quantity of insulin to burn glucose for fuel. In such a situation the body will burn the fat in place of the sugar and manufactures substances that are known as ketones. These ketones as a result land up in the urine and the blood. High levels of ketones in the urine indicate diabetic ketoacidosis. It is a complication of diabetes. You may need this test if you have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, confusion, and difficulty in breathing. People who have digestive disorder, eating disorder, or are on low carbohydrate diet can also suffer from this condition.

Why is Urine Ketone body done?

Those suffering from really high blood sugar levels and suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes should make it a point to get their urine ketone body check as they are prone to have this condition. You should also get tested if in addition to bring diabetic you are also alcoholic, are suffering from diarrhoea, have blood sugar levels greater than 300 mg, are pregnant, you have an infection, etc.

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