Here’s How A Fertility Massage Can Help You To Conceive?

Here’s How A Fertility Massage Can Help You To Conceive?

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The choice to become a mother is an electrifying and blissful one. However, trying to conceive can become a stressful and difficult process, particularly when the tests keep coming back as negative. This is why many women look for natural methods like Fertility Massage to enhance their fertility and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

What is fertility massage?

It is a type of massage intended to enhance the health and fertility of the reproductive organs. It is an all-natural method with benefits that include enhanced reproductive health, abdominal health, and menstrual cycle. The fertility massage supports the body to reduce stress hormones, cleanse toxins, balance hormones that help the reproductive system, and arouse reproductive organs using reflexology.

Fertility Massage benefits

This type of massage can offer quite a few advantages and add to a strong pregnancy. These comprise improving blood circulation, particularly to the womb, uterus, cervix, and ovaries, tilted uterus reposition, assist hormonal balance and decrease stress. Frequent fertility massages can also help on lymph drainage, liver detox, oxygenation of your reproductive system and blood regeneration while assisting to breakdown abdominal adhesion’s and scar tissue in general. Fertility massage can also be beneficial for obstructed Fallopian tubes, infertility, egg quality, ovarian cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, and menstrual cramps.

Fertility Massage steps

  • Lie on a surface that is firm but comfortable. Bend knees slightly or allow them to rest them on a pillow.
  • Take a deep breath in and then breathe out.
  • Now massage your hands together to warm your palms, and take a little oil you can use for massaging such as almond or olive oil.
  • Close your eyes gradually and start breathing in slowly and deeply. Exhale and inhale deeply thrice.
  • Visualize yourself in an environment that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • Put your palm on your belly, just on top of your navel. Put your other palm on top, and take deep breaths to make acquainted yourself with this area of your body. Use this time to find your stomach.
  • Gently massage making round clockwise motions with your palms, going downwards from your belly to your pubic bone and then going to your belly. Repeat at least thirty times.
  • Now place your palms on every side of your abdomen just below your ribs and massage down towards your stomach. Use gentle massage strokes and ensure to always massage from top to bottom. You may repeat these as many times as you like, but ensure to do at least 10.

Can massages increase fertility?

There is no research to show that massage in general, or fertility massages specially, can affect fertility directly and increase the chance of getting pregnant.

But massage, such as yoga and meditation, may help reduce stress. Some studies have found that massage lessens levels of cortisol in the body and increases dopamine and serotonin, which are thought to contribute to well-being and enhanced mood.

When should I do fertility massage?

If you are trying to conceive naturally, the ideal time to have fertility massage is the end of menses to ovulation. This is commonly from day 7 to day 14 of your cycle. If you are undergoing fertility assistance, the ideal time for fertility massage is from menses to ovulation and insemination. With IVF, the ideal time for fertility massage is from restraint of your cycle to embryo transfer is suggested, as long as no softness is felt.

Can I do fertility massage during ovulation?

It is important to stay away from direct massage of the uterine after ovulation when trying to conceive actively. In the course of a fertility treatment cycle, massages are carried out after menstruation and prior to ovulation.

Which time is best for fertility massage?

The most excellent time for fertility massage is the “fertile window” time. Ovulation takes place when the ovaries release an egg, which travels down the fallopian tube and endures for 12-24 hours. You can conceive if the egg gets fertilized with sperm; the possibilities are maximum in twenty-four hours of ovulation and a day in advance. Ensure you are not menstruating or pregnant during fertility massage. The best time to have a massage is after your period until ovulation if you are trying to conceive.

Does massage increase fertility?

There is no scientific confirmation that massage enhances fertility or improves pregnancy rates. But one study has shown that message can dial down your concern level. Since stress can get in the way of getting pregnant, it makes sense that reducing stress through massage could – theoretically – perk up your odds of conceiving. If you are undergoing expensive infertility treatments, you may opt for a fertility massage as this can help your body to relax and this in turn will help you to conceive.

Is it good to massage your ovaries?

Fertility massage is meant not only to increase the flow of blood to the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes, but also to strengthen the immune system, increase a sense of well being, stimulate the balanced production of hormones, and enhance the health of the lymphatic system. Massaging ovaries can help to tone and strengthen the uterus and nearby ligaments to optimise fertilization and implantation. It breaks down scar tissue or adhesions near digestive, reproductive, and pelvic organs which improves organ function and health.

Massage therapy helps your body attain an optimum state of health. When you are healthier, your body has more physical energy to enable healthy conception. There are several holistic massage methods that can have a very optimistic effect in facilitating conception and supporting a healthy pregnancy. Most methods of fertility massage use abdominal massage and massage on the lower-back that assists improve the blood flow to the reproductive organs.

The Bottom Line

The root cause of infertility issues can be attributed to adhesions, scar tissue, and obstructions in the fallopian tubes, accumulation of toxins, and certainly, stress and anxiety. Conventional medicine does not have treatments for these conditions apart from bypassing the problem and suggesting IVF treatments. Fertility massage can address all of these issues at once. More and more women choose this type of therapy as it is safer than surgery and pharmaceutical drugs.


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