4 Times Failed, Sambhavna Seth Tries IVF for the 5th Time


Sambhavna Seth is one of the famous actresses in the entertainment industry who is known for her cool styles. She knows exactly how to set up a class of trollers and along with that, she does not forget to share her heart with her fans. The actress has also shared her many personal things with her fans on her YouTube channel. And this time, she has shared the matter of her pregnancy. In her recent video, she shared her tragic IVF journey and the reason why she is not able to have a baby even after six years of marriage.

Sambhavna Seth started a new chapter of her life in 2016 by marrying Avinash Dwivedi, who is seven years younger than her. The couple has started planning for a child after a year of their marriage. However, they knew that Sambhavna was of age, so they resorted to going for IVF for pregnancy. Sambhavna and Avinash have tried a lot and despite four attempts, they could not bear a child. However, Sambhavna is trying to have a child for the 5th time also as her courage is not broken yet.

All the things written above are shared by Sambhavna herself on her YouTube channel and not by anyone else. She has answered all her haters in the video. They have talked in length about this part of their life without even feeling embarrassed. Sambhavna and her husband Avinash have told in their video that they have been trying to have a baby since 2017 but have not been able to get success so far. And many people have taunted her about her pregnancy also. People have made lewd comments to have a child and ask how long will she keep the children of dogs. However, people have also started making comments about her increasing weight and that too without even knowing the reason.

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Sambhavna said in her video that people talk about her fatness and that she is getting fat day by day. But they do not know how painful the injections are in the IVF treatment. She also claimed that she became fat because of these ejections and that many changes have taken place in her body. It seems that celebs have also many problems with their life because Sambhavna and Avinash have shared many such things in their video.

Moreover, Sambhavna also mentioned her daddy in her video and got emotional also after talking about him. She also claimed that she will try IVF once more with full positivity as she is a real fighter and will not get afraid of all these things. She is not going to give up. They both will try to have a baby again. She is very much positive this time. And hopefully, Sambhavna and Avinash will be successful in their endeavour this time. We hope trolls will now understand the complexity of the situation from Sambhavna and Avinash are going through and will show some respect towards them.

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